Clean Teeth & No Cavities

This week I had my every-six-month dental cleaning and check-up. I don’t really look forward to going to the dentist, although he is a very nice person and a good dentist. His employees are very nice people, too. That said, there is something about having sharp instruments inside my mouth scraping off plaque I just don’t like. And I don’t even want to think about the sound the drill makes!

What I do like is how my teeth feel afterwards. They feel smooth and clean! And I am always happy to hear I have no cavities. Yeah!

Just as the dental hygienist cleared off plaque from my teeth, my carefully chosen friends are reviewing the draft of my book finding typos, grammatical errors and cumbersome sentences to fix in my manuscript. When I see their suggested changes and get the revisions made, my book will be smooth and clean, too, just like my teeth!

It’s not easy sending my baby off to the world for others to see. Scores of questions arise in my mind… Will they like it? Will they understand it? Will they see it in what I hope for them to see? Answers in the negative would be like having a root canal or crown put on. Answers in the positive would feel good like the “no cavities” report I got from my dentist.

So far, everyone I’ve heard back from has been positive and encouraging. Sure, they found some typos, grammar errors, and long sentences for me to rephrase. Overall, though, they got what I was saying and understood it to be my truth, my voice, my story. Cool!

I am very grateful to my book reviewers for making the time and putting in the effort to carefully review my draft and provide me with compassionate and constructive feedback so my book can be the best it can be. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And to my dentist and dental hygienist, thank you, too, for my clean and healthy teeth!