Peg Roach Loyd is an author, singer, songwriter, musician, entertainer and music teacher/coach. Her voice hints of her Irish ancestry and her songs paint a picture and express feelings and experiences in a way that uplifts the audience with joy or brings comfort to those feeling sad and lonely.

She was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo., to a middle-class, Irish Catholic family. Her father and mother both sang, as did her grandparents, at celebrations with family and friends where they would often gather around the piano in the cellar and party until dawn singing songs and telling stories. Her grandparents called their group of Irish friends the “Celladawn Club” and Peg chose this name for her website to honor the singing tradition in her family… http://www.CellaDawnMusic.com.

Peg recently published a book called The Path – Songs and Stories to Quiet the Mind, Calm the Heart & Inspire the Soul, which is her first published book of original songs and stories. A CD of songs from the book is in the works as well.

For more information on where Peg is next performing, visit her website at: http://www.CellaDawnMusic.com or http://www.PegsCalendar.WordPress.com.


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